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and then there are giants. >> welcome to downtown san francisco. about 1 million people here on this halloween to celebrate giants style for the 2012 world series parade. and everyone decked out in orange and black. i'm raj mathai alongside jessica. this is happening twice for us. >> deja vu. if you win it, they will come. downtown is the field of dreams for the giants for this 108th world series. they back. the boys of summer really in their glory and it's just going to be a whole celebration about today. we want to show you a little bit of the course they are taking and along the route, we have thousands of people. it starts at the foot of the ferry plaza on stewart street where you have all of the cars. the giants with their families and management team and all those floats, you know, raj, they have been working on these floats for a little bit. we have tid bits about the floats. they will end up at the steps of city hall which is expected to be a glorious celebration. >> that is where we are. at city hall. that ceremony will begin. before the ceremony, you will see the players and management and coache
fans are wondering if they should start crying in their rally toweling. we're live in san francisco, debora villalon. >> this is a live picture of the embarcadero center. the embarcadero high rise are lit up in support of the hometown team during the play offs. >>> they may have been outnumbered today, the plan to show off in force for game three at the coliseum on tuesday. >> what are the two guys going to do home today? >> get a home run. >> reporter: this year's oakland a's team is something new. >> besides being going, this is like a fairy tale story. these guys are amazing. they're so young they don't know what they can't do. that's why this year is so special. i mean, not just in terms of the years some of these guys are having as players, but just in the innocence. you know it's kind of like your first love. >> we get the first win hopefully and take it back home and win it in front of their fans. >> reporter: a's fans were disadvantaged by the tiger nation. but comerica park is not intimidated. >> it's not a hostile environment. it's a wonderful experience. and i do get lou
a minute. first, home town heroes got to show you the cover of the san francisco chronicle this morning. giant's sweep. >> i went like this cause it looks like it's still hot off the presses. that's going to be a keepsake. a lot of people will have that in a drawer. the giants won the world series for the second time in three years. >>> the team completed the world series sweep last night winning 4-3 in ten innings. while most of the celebrations here in san francisco were peaceful. some did turn violent. a number of fires were set in the streets of the mission district. kate joins us live with more on the messthat's being cleaned up this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you there's still aftermath from last night. piles of debris still here on the street that crews are working to clean up as last night's celebrations turned to mayhem. officers tried to disperse thousands of fans flooding the streets. some set small fires to trash cans, couches and news paper wracks. officers told a group of fans they were unlawfully assembling and needed to leave. take a
apart the 49ers in san francisco. man, i tell you, the green bay packers just -- they are not going to be able to stop the run and all that. the houston texans at home, 5-0. just shut them down from the beginning. jordy nelson, he's no greg jennings. he can't make the big plays. what is wrong with aaron rodgers and all of that. right out the window. >> al: second and six. houston just running out the clock right now and looking ahead to their next game against baltimore here next sunday afternoon. justin forsett takes it to the 34. a couple of league notes before we head to the postgame. jacoby jones, a big kickoff return coming at most opportune time in that game. 108 yards against the cowboys. larry fitzgerald second player to reached 10,000 receiving yards before the age of 30, though, they lost that game, did arizona, after a chance to win it at the end. russell wilson betingating the patriots and tom brady today. a big comeback for seattle in a stunner. third and three. this will be the final play of the contest. that is forsett. only the atlanta falcons are undefeated. clevela
. >>> happy to say for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants are world champions. they swept the tigers a four to three victory in extra innings. >> got him looking and the giants have won it all! >> triple crown winner miguel cabrera, in the top of the tenth, marco was bringing in the go ahead run. it was a team effort. >> we went out there to enjoy every minute of it and it was hard earned and just incredible, incredible group of guys that fought for each other. >> this is the giants' second world championship in three years. they are the first national league team to accomplish that feat since the cincinnati reds in the mid 1970s. >>> bad fans were in the streets of san francisco celebrating the giants, but in some parts of the city, the celebration turned ugly. our reporter is live at 16th and mission where vandals caused damage and destruction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. up until just about an hour ago, there was a huge mess out here in the middle of mission street from 16th all the way up to 24th. right in the middle of the street you can
francisco -- alex savidge is live at san francisco international airport airport with the very latest on cancellations there. >> reporter: good morning, yes. all the way across the country, sfo being impacted by sandy. just got an impact -- just got an update. a total of 150 flights have been cancelled -- canceled. here is a look at the board this morning. there is a flight to washington, d.c. weather cancellations are being felt for many east coast destinations. >> sfo to six key cities, boston, philadelphia, new york, newark, washington, d.c. and baltimore. any one trying to get to those cities may have to bait several days. most of the -- may have to wait several days. other flights are feeling the effect, american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta. the airlines are trying to book people on other flights. this storm is causing major problems causing a significant effect on the west coast. it's difficult to say how long the cancellations are gonna extend to, obviously all of the frights are -- flights are canceled for today. i think it's reasonable to expect some cancellation
in san francisco, not wet but fog go meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast, coming up. and we'll check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >> mike is also tracking sandy to let you know what is going on there. also the world series win turns into a fashion statement. statement. late night effort to make i moved to new york to work in fashion. so i had to look the part. t.j.maxx is such a great place cause i know when i go in there, i'm gonna score. they've got such great deals on all my favorite brands. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. >>> check out the visibility we've improved in concord up to a mile quarter mile in napa still same in santa rosa, improved in half moon bay to 3/4 of a mile, definitely an ebb and flow to the fog this morning as we have about a three to seven mile per hour wind around most of the bay area dense fog will hang around until at least 8:00 this morning. that means it will be below a quarter of a mile. i think the fog will hang around until 9:00, 10:00 then sunshine 60s coast into san francisco low to mid 70
and fantastic san francisco giants are just one win away from the world championship. thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. an exciting win for the giants. that gives them a 3-0 edge toward another world series trophy. we have live team coverage of the win. we begin with larry beil who is here with highlights. shut them out. >> larry: incredible and fantastic. sums it up. the giants just one win away from capturing their second world sear title. they shut out detroit and they can wrap things up tomorrow night. the giants, in game three, jump out to another early lead. second inning, gregor blanco, deep to right center, off the wall. scores pence, and the giants take the 1-0 lead in the second, crawford, pride of pleasanton jimmy,0 there austin jackson misplays it. jackson scores. coward goes to second. ryan vogelsong, gets berry on the double play ball, 5 2/3 scoreless innings. timmy time. tim lincecum, striking out prince fielder and then andy dirks to end the eighth. sergio romo in the ninth. one, two three, gets infante to end it. the giants do it again. again by a 2-0 score, just like g
. they beat st. louis tonight. and that means it's on to game 7 tomorrow night in san francisco for a winner take all situation. nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins me now from at&t park with more on all the excitement. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. from the start of this game there was a lot of energy inside at&t park. these fans wanted the giants to win and they pulled through and did it for their fans. tomorrow, game 7, as you mentioned. and if they win that, it is on to the world series against the detroit tigers. fans say this season has been filled with ups and downs. some calling it torturous. but they say the team as always comes through when their backs are against the wall. tonight's final score, 6-1 giants. >> i'm totally pumped. it's great. game 7 ready for tomorrow. are you ready? >> they're going to win tomorrow night. no problem. world series coming. >> giants won. game 7 tomorrow. whoo! >> i don't know. it's a game 7. how many times does it happen in your life? so tomorrow's going to be the day. we're ready to go. >> we're real excited about the giants. just like
drama of this potentially being the final game of the world series, and it has san francisco police preparing. >> if it does go originals we've taken steps to work with all the merchants around the ballpark and we've been fantastic. we want people to know, hey, don't drink and drive k that's on any weekend but be respect full of people, be respectful of other fans, be respectful of the police. we really want this to be a fun celebration when the giants bring this home. >> well, the celebration here in civic center plaidsa is an alcohol-free event. the mayor is encouraging giants fans to wear orange and black, display signs, flags, support their hometown team and the san francisco mayor ed lee and detroit's mayor, dave bing is encouraging people to leave their rivalries on the field. you can see they are still trying to get it up to the height where it will be for the viewing this afternoon. and still the first two fans, they are still the only two people here but i think it's safe to say it will fill up quickly. get down here early. live at civic center plaza, abc7 news. >>> thanks,
championship series. [applause] fans at the public house at&t park in san francisco this morning reacting to posey 4th inning grand slam. game 5 today was thriller as the giants hung on for a 6-4 victory taking 3 straight in cincinnati to win the series. >> what happened here i couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guy whose come in here and do what they did. i men that's quite a task. it's going against all odds and found way to get it done. >> they sure d.incredible performance the last 3 games. is what next for the giants and what about the a's who are in action right now? larry sports director is here with both of those stories. great day for the giants. tough spot the a's are in. >> get to them in a second. the giants next move basically to wait and see whether they play washington or st. louis in the national league championship series. giants held on to win decisive game 5 today over the reds. pose were biggest hit of the day. 5th inning grand slam off starter previous giants killer mat. giants jumped out to 6 nothing lead then had to hang on for dear life because it was a 6-4 gam
climb into the low mid-60's at best. these are the conditions for the san francisco waterfront you'll probably need a sweater because conditions this weekend will be nothing compared to what we started with the work week. the seven they are on the bay forecast shows in addition to cooler weather we have the potential for some showers. maybe sprinkles, spotty at best. 10 to 20 percent chance and it looks like it will be a little greater as we start the next workweek. the rain will stick north of the golden gate bridge. on to traffic now good morning george >> no hot spots that is the good news. the bay bridge to the toll plaza traffic is not blocked up and to the macarthur maize but to it. we're looking at 18 to 22 minutes depending on your approach. longer if you're coming from 24 to macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge no construction delays but it slows a bit at the base of the high-rise. the drive times are only 12 to 13 minutes so not a bad drive yet. they could really slow down later as it has been. the golden gate bridge writers still smooth and beautiful beautiful community
is in the bullpen. right at the top of the hour here in san francisco, a beautiful night, 62 degrees. that's us, joe, tim, kenny and erin at&t park. and this crowd has been loud all night. theriot's second at-bat since taking over for the injured scutaro. good breaking ball for strike 1. on deck, the switch-hitting sandoval with rzepczysnki in the bullpen. here's the 0-1. strike 2. guillermo mota will join romo if this inning gets out of hand. theriot trying to add to it. the 0-2 pitch. breaking ball fouled back. game three, a late afternoon game in st. louis on wednesday. giants trying to even the series. great work tonight from ryan vogelsong, their starter. a breaking ball. fouled away. >> tim: theriot fighting off some good pitches from shelby miller. >> joe: the cardinals are trying to convince him to stay in st. louis during the offseason. carpenter will tutor and work out with trevor rosenthal, their hard-throwing right-hander, during the offseason. they want shelby miller to think about doing the same thing. the runners are on with one out and the 0-2 pitch. a line drive, base hit! blanco sc
their support from the stands but on this warm saturday night in san francisco, some fans prefer to be close to home field rather than a chilly comerica park. >> amazing, the best night. beautiful. the giants shut them out. a great night. >> we're going to do this thing! four games and out, buddy. how you lick like it now? >> it's a done deal. >> it is a done deal! [shouting] >> are you going to be okay with the four-game sweep? >> absolutely. christmas is coming early. you heard from santa claus. in four! woo! >> of course people mixed in their halloween celebrations with the world series cheering. after the game, hundreds of people spilled on to the plaza outside at&t park. a great night to be a giants fan in san francisco. now, if they do sweep this in four, it's pretty much a guarantee the crowds we saw here tonight are going to be much larger. with that in mind i had a conversation with two police lieutenants. they are right now putting together plans, should the giants sweep this in four, san francisco police tell me they're going to have plenty of police officers out here along with t
news. >>> woman of the worst destruct after the game happened in san francisco's mission district. that's where kira klapper joins us live. >> reporter: the aftermath of last night's celebration still remains this morning, not very much, i'll get out of the way so you can see some trash piles charged black they were much bigger a bit ago, trucks have been here all morning, streets are soaking wet from cleaning crews not from any sort of rain. let's get you to the video of what this aftermath is of. we have sky 7 hd video of revelers on mission street setting big bonfires. the fans were dancing and celebrating around the flames throughout the night they burned trash chance, couches, matresses, signs even newspaper racks. police and fire actually stood back most of the time they let the rowdy celebrations unfold. only when the flames threatened buildings fire crews had to be escorted in by police on dirt bikes, making room through the crowds, as you can imagine the streets were completely blocked. at times people jumped into the flames others flu gasoline creating some fire -- others thro
in the baseball playoffs bid tonight, game 7 in san francisco. giants fans electric in san francisco last night. bottom of the second, off the right hand of cris carpenter. the saw him coming to score, 4- 0 early in this game and that would hold. the giants win game 6, 6-1. game 7 is tonight. the giants have their ace on the mound. tom is back with a look at the seven-day forecast, after this. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perfor
you have that. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza as it looks good getting into san francisco, no problems there and as we do mention 880 quite a bit, we have a camera, just remember, the games should be over and you get the point, if you drive here every day especially with the morning commute. this traffic is moving along nicely driving to sunny veil on 101. let's go to steve. >>> santa cruz was 95, they do have a west wind, fog is out there, it is trying but it is clear and this is always a challenging forecast. just letting you know. the toughest temperatures are in the 90s and they say it's going to drop 20 degrees. santa rosa that was downtown and 93 today, sap hose tied a record high so you folks pat yourselves on the back and you will go 88 today. everything is looking like it wants to do that. 50s and 60s, you get up on the higher elevations and there are some really warm temperatures. southwest is calm. big cold system, this little guy, that is heading towards us and may give us some partly cloudy skies. cooler for most, 60s, 70s 80s coast and bay, a few locations mi
)en san francisco, el puertorriqueño carlos beltrán, david freese y los cardenales de san luis sacaron una ventaja de seis carreras y la defendieron aunque con cierta dificultad. beltrán y freese pegaron dos jonrones de dos carreras y los cardenales vencieron anoche a los gigantes de san francisco 6-4 en el primer partido de la serie del campeonato de liga nacional. los campeones defensores de la serie mundial sacaron una ventaja de 6-0 desde muy temprano y lo mantuvieron. sólo tres noches antes, los cardenales remontaron un marcador adverso de 6-0, valiéndose de una ofensiva de cuatro carreras en la novena entrada en el quinto partido decisivo jugado en washington contra los nacionales en series de la división.super serie 1-0, san luis cardenales 6 giants 4 cortesia: mlb/fox vamos a la pausa, pero ya regresamos con una celebracion muy especial para nuestra familia de noticias-washington ...
francisco plans to celebrate wednesday morning. >>> a suspicious fire is under investigation in san jose this morning. nobody was hurt in the fire that started about 4:00 at an abandoned gymnastics facility. traffic and weather in just a moment. >>> good morning. let's take you out towards the bay bridge. just cleared a stall out of lanes. unfortunately, we have delays in the cash and fast track lanes. metering lights have been on since 6:15 this morning. dense fog all across the bay area. heading across the golden gate bridge. here's a look at what you can see. 880 through oakland. stop and go from hey word through downtown. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> sunshine for you. expecting clouds to give way. pleasanton. 40s and 50s. dense fog advisory along the coastline. some visibility less than a quarter mile. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures. mid 70s there. 80 in liver more . 67 in san francisco. and 76 in santa rosa. next couple days we'll begin to clear out. nice day by wednesday evening could see showers. watch out for showers continuing into thursday. >>> welcome back to "
game. >> the long awaited test faces the jient's. the giants from san francisco are not ready to call it a season just yet. game five, the nlcs, cards need one win. do they get it tonight? adam wayneright and cardle thats are itching for back-to-back trips to the world series. lance lynn facing brandon crawford. the giants with one in the frame and crawford is adding some more, shoots one up the middle. hunter and greg come in to score. giants go up 3-0 and that's more than enough for barry zito. giants blank the cards 5-0 in game five. game six, sunday night in san francisco. to waldorf, maryland for friday night football. friendship college visiting nort point. it's the second quarter. north point already up 13-0. yep, third td in the first half. 70 yards to the house finish. eagles lead 20-0 at the half. knights get it going in the second half. third quarter, brian white on a short pass to jonathan hayden. makes it 26. knights cut it to eight. well, the eagles take to the air to put it away. fourth quarter on fourth and seven. rumbles 35 yards and seals the deal. north point wins i
league san francisco headed on to the nlcs, top of the fifth, giants delivers a knock out punch to the reds. makes it 5-0. giants win 6-4 and come back from a two game deficit to win the series. in washington the national keep their post-season temperatures alive. a walkoff home run. nats stop the card 2-1 and force a decisive game five tonight. in the nfl the steelers go on the road to face the titans, pittsburgh up by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. tennessee ties it on a five yard touchdown catch. steelers trying to take the lead with a late field goal. and coming up short on a 54-yard. we'll talk about this. let's talk about michael vick. philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick once a dog own. spent time in prison on dogfighting charges. he's not allowed to have a dog during probation. he said he wants his children to develop a healthy relationship with animals. this week he was questioned about whether he owned a dog after a picture showed him with an open box of dog biscuit on the table. i thought michael vick liked dog biscuits. when we come back small town shocke
of gasoline. >>> san francisco giants are headed to the world series after a comeback against the defending champs the cardinal. the giants rowed the card 9-0 monday night and they take on -- routed the cards 9-1 monday night and they take on the tigers tomorrow in san francisco. >> did you see the rain? >> yes. >> and they finished in the rain. wow. the son of humphrey bogart and lauren ba-cal will help with a cause near to them. they are taping a psa for the esophageal cancer network. he lost his father to the disease in 1957. the psa will encourage people to be screened and let them knowheart burn can lead to cancer. diagnosis increased 400% in the past 20 years. >>> visitors to the dulaney valley memorial gardens can find peace and tranquility in an asian inspired space. it's designed in the tradition of feng shui and it's 7ic ahe is of pathways with animals and they have -- acres of pathways with animals and the design expert who created it says the feng shui was used in just cemeteries not in homes like today. a dedication ceremony happens tomorrow to officially on the garden to the p
to san francisco's expected thh obama campaign will raise nearly 9-and-a-half milllon dollars over tto days. republican challenger mitt romney heads south today... for a speech at the virginia military institute.romney has a major foreign policy speech pllnned... focused on the middle east.he's expected to say that the u-s should take a more assertive position on the conflict in syria.... and strennthen sanctions on iran. governoo marrin o'malley and new hampshirr senator kelly ayyte battled it out on fox &pblame for the bad economy. o'malleyyargued that president obama inherited a huge claimed he's only made it o'malley says: "we still have &pa long way to go..and speakin of fdr, no president since him bigger unemployment and bigger deficits nd more wars than president obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, hich resulted in directly, the greatest ob losses since fdr. thissis not easy and it is harddwork but we are movinn forward. ayotte says: "hey, chris, let's ttlk about, though, his policies. of course, we didd't hear in the hour and 25 minutes of debat
too early," if you blinked you missed the world series. the san francisco giants pulling off the sweep. >>> and the very latest on the path of hurricane sandy which has shut down big swathes of the east coast. when is it coming your way? we'll have an updated forecast when "way too early" comes right back. >>> a couple of toner cartridges, the kinds we all have in our offices with at least some form, some amount of explosives on them apparently sent via cargo from yemen addressed to some synagogues in chicago. ♪ want my recipe for healthier hair color? natural instincts! formulated with aloe, vitamin and antioxidants natural instincts has a system that's a healthier way to radiant color. indulge... with natural instincts. less guilt, more gorgeous. indulge... with natural instincts. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with
in the 2006 series a monster game went to the giants last night 8-3. san francisco wins game 1. it was quite a game for pablos. first inning, he crushes one to center field. and in the third it was two on an two out. and it young and runs out of room. and the all-star game back in july, he had a three run triple in the first. this one made it 4-0. the winning pitcher even drove a run off of justin. and i am throwing my glove off and saying, get me out of here. later on al -- it did not matter who was throwing. he had three home runs last night. the only four players and world series history to hit three home runs in a game. he talked about his big night. >> to be able to show up against justin -- and the chance to go up 1-0. it is just kind of surreal. it was a pleasure to be a part of it all. >> what a night last night. dam it two tonight and san francisco. spring training -- game two begins tonight in san francisco. spring training begins in two months. their first postseason game and it is well deserved. the baseball writers association manager of the year award, the most prestigious, ann
with a star- studded event in san francisco t includes john legend and will i am. >>> one of the staffers at in florida decided to weekend romney's face with a napkin. he laughed it off but and to look uncomfortable. >>> we'll tell you who came out on top in the election with hugo chavez. >> and more cases of fungal meningitis as the outbreak spreads to more states. we'll have an update on that and new information about the pharmacy that distributed the product. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class? according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> hugo chavez has won re- election. he received about 54% of vote of course his closest race yet. he will seven another six-year term in wh
series. pitcher ryan worked 7 outstanding innings allowing four hits. score from san francisco last night, 6-1. >>> we know that she loves to dance and make people laugh at the same time. ellen degenerous, being honored at the kennedy center. being awarded with mark twain prize for american humor. >>> coming off of a tough loss, the ravens will take time off and play pool tonight. the leech foundation is hosting the shoot for the cure celebrity billiards torn to raise money for the breast cancer foundation. >>> this is the annual new river gorge bridge day festival in west virginia. hundreds of base jumpers made the 876-foot plunge, it's more than 300-foot taller than the monument. it takes 9 seconds for jumpers to pull parachutes. >> i'm very scared. i'm always terrified. it's amazing to challenge yourself. >> this is the 33rd year for the festival. you know who is the adventurous spirit. >> would you give it a try? >> i was going to say no but i saw you could jump with somebody. great day to do a little bit of jumping. we will see plenty of sunshine. we see a cluster of showers and sto
trouble on the streets of san francisco. one in front of may not belong to you but responsibility for it might. >> san francisco beat cop struck a chord at the world series. you'll see what a state job is like. >>> and sky 7 is live over frank o fw. awa plaza. a family setting after a year of demonstrations here. tonight you can see a number of people gathered to mark an anniversary and march in downtown oakland. >> that anniversary is that of the police race that cleared their encampment from nont of -- front of city hall. they say the movement is still alive. abc 7 news is live at 14th and broadway with demonstrators. nick? >> carolyn, dan, good evening. from the view of sky 7 hd, you can seeha
place of edgar allen poe. san francisco was marked as the most haunted city. don't know why. [laughter] how the detroit artist -- tigers are preparing for the world series. >> the first half of the season, and clinton the rookies. all that next in sports. >> take a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. hope you have them. incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism will mean more business... for maryland's small businesses. jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five hundred and fifty million in other states... ken ulman: question seven will keep that money right here. stephanie rawlings-blake: more jobs, millions for schools. jim smith: i'm voting for question seven. ken ulman: i'm voting for question seven. stephanie rawlings-blake: and i'm voting for question seven. >> this morning we asked you think religious leaders should take an active role of political issues like expanded gambling?
the nationals season not just one game away from a return trip to the world series. they pummeled san francisco yesterday to take a 2 games to 1 lead. waiting for whoever emerges as the detroit tigers. booking reservations to the fall classic. slam that glove down to the ground. >> not all that is for san francisco in thursday's game. the 49ers hada 13-6 win. >> redskins have a divisional game on sunday. more on how they're getting ready. >> could this stage be any bigger for rg iii's intro to the nfc east? the head coach knows that griffin is 15th in the league in rushing. he made it a note to be in control. the stages that for the rookie. -- the stage is set for the rookie. >> i used to high jump back in the day. my daddy to tell me to jump the same at 6'8 or 6',. you keep the same way and i hope i will do that. the redskins hope it will jump 6'8. >> the news continues with good morning washington in a few minutes. still ahead, the latest on the presidential race. captioned by the national captioning institute okay, what'ya havin? i'll have the build your own burger with
parade in san francisco today. the world series champions san francisco giants will celebrate their victory with a ticker tape parade. this is the second in three years for the giants in major league baseball, claiming the top prize. >>> not everyone dealing with the flood waters from sandy. in western maryland a very different story. they're actually shoveling a lot. >> up there three feet of snow in some places. this is what it looks like in garrett county. plow trucks out in full force, trying to clear the snow from the roads. things got so bad tuesday a 50- mile stretch of interstate 68 had to be shut down. that stranded truckers and drivers for a number of hours. road foreman mark wells had had to cut back 50 to 60 trees just to get to work. >> it's treacherous, the trees were falling behind me as fast as i was cutting them out in front of me. i've seen a lot of snow up here, but not from a hurricane. >> power outages in that area because of the wet snow, it's breaking the tree limbs. a blizzard warning continues through today. so they definitely have a mess on their han
.a. >> reporter: from san francisco to san diego, redding to redondo, californians are cringing at the pump. >> it really is frustrating. >> reporter: in many cases frustrating is the nicest word drivers in the golden state are using when reacting to gasoline prices that have spiked in the neighborhood of 52 cents just in the last week. >> i think those prices are ridiculous. >> people working, they need a break. it's too high. it's way too high. >> i try not to drive unless i really have to. >> $10 in gas doesn't even give me a 1/4 tank, so it's really out of control. >> reporter: the official average of california's gas is 4.67 a gallon, the highest on record with many stations above five bucks for regular unleaded. experts blame the increased costs on higher demand, california's strict standards that don't allow for gas imported across state lines and refinery outages which led to decreased supply. the gas spike has politicians scrambling with just four weeks until election day. governor brown has changed california's requirements to the less stringent winter standard to help increase
got a restraining order against him. >>> the san francisco giants are headed back to the world series. the trip comes after the giants found themselves down three games to one to st. louis in the national league championship series. in the seventh game of the series with the cardinals, they were routed 9-0 with san francisco's record tying sixth victory in a must win game this post-season. they'll take on the detroit tigers in game one of the world series tomorrow night. >>> time 4:36. today is going to feel more like mid september. we have a high near 80 degrees. howard is newspaper two minutes with a look at your tuesday's forecast. >>> the world's largest retailer faces a class action worker lawsuit. >>> a treatment used to reduce complications for breast cancer patients may be causing more harm than good. >>> 9news now returns in two minutes. >>> coming up on 4:39 on this tuesday morning. not as chilly as it was yesterday morning. we don't have any 30s but 40s and 50s to start. we're going to have a pleasant afternoon. mid-60s by 11:00. 70 or so by lunch time. this afternoon upper
as seattle and san francisco. stranded passengers, for the most part, taking it in stride. >> it's not the airport's fault. you can't really control the weather. >> reporter: on sunday, united and jetblue moved the planes out of the strike zone until tuesday. but at jfk and laguardia, low-lying new york airports, there's concern about the storm surge. >> the thing that we're going to be watching very, very closely is going to be the flooding and the flood potential here in new york. and with these airports basically at sea level that poses a major risk to us. >> reporter: even when flights resume, jetblue's ceo says that delays could last until the end of the week. >> it will take us a couple days, probably until at least thursday, if not friday, to get back to normal with something this large. >> reporter: meantime, trains have been derailed too. amtrak shut down all east coast service. normally more than 300 trains would be running today. about the only good news at east coast airports today, no security line, amy. >> all right, thank you so much, jim avila. >>> so much of the
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that that price will drop to as low as 3.25 by thanksgiving. >>> the san francisco giants are head together world series after clinching the national league title in a rainy game seven on monday night. the giants set out defending world series champs the st. louis cardinals 9-0 battling it out throughout a downpour. the giants kick off the series against the detroit tigers tomorrow night in san francisco. >>> the fda is investigating reports of five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack possibly linked to caffeine-rich monster energy drinks. last week the parents of a 14-year-old maryland girl filed a wrongful death suit claiming their daughter died after consuming two 24-ounce monster drinks in 24 hours. the girl did have an inherited disorder that can weaken blood vessels. monster says it doesn't believe its products caused any deaths. >>> more nurses are expected to testify today at the trial of douglas kennedy, son of the late robert f. kennedy. he's accused of scuffling with nurses in january when they tried to stop him from taking his two-day-old sound out of mount kisko, new york hospital
in san francisco and 80 across the bay in oakland and the north bay you're gonna have another date the date of upper 90s. santa rosa you could break temperat records wih these temperatures. if you're going to be out at the dock of stadium as the a's take on the rangers for game two you look for this weather. 79 degrees at the 7:05 p.m. start time. winds will come from the northwest of about 6 mi. per hour. the seven day around the bay forecast a cooling trend beginning tomorrow and cooler temperatures off quite a bit as we head towards friday. saturday and sunday looked at as westbound highway 4 is slow out of antioch. traffic speeds pick up approaching pittsburgh and over the well pass we are delayed once again. it is pretty sluggish but no incidents to report just your usual drive coming out of antioch this morning. the north bay is starting to slow things down northbound excuse me southbound 11 just approaching 37. speeds their slower than usual about 32 minutes right now out of nevada into the city. take a look at conditions along the peninsula wraping up on some good news here
: president obama at a star-studded fundraising concert in los angeles sunday heads to san francisco today with romney's poll numbers improving. >> they're looking very good. i feel very good. >> reporter: after the debate, romney is within two points of the president. and tomorrow, both candidates head to ohio, battleground ohio, where early voting is already under way. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote there. veronica? >> thank you. mitt romney will deliver that major policy speech before noon eastern, but the obama campaign is issuing a preemptive strike with this new tv ad criticizing the republican candidate's past foreign policy faux pas. take a look. >> reckless. amateurish. that's what news media and fellow republicans called mitt romney's gaffe-filled july tour of england, israel, and poland, when our u.s. diplomats were attacked in libya, "the new york times" said romney's response showed an extraordinary lack of presidential character. >> the obama campaign said this will be romney's seventh speech on foreign policy. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez gets to keep h
in san francisco. >>> authorities have dropped the preliminary investigation into another rape case involving former imf chair dominique straws kahn. we're looking at him during the 2011 rape scandal that forced him to step down from the imf. that's when a maid in a new york hotel falsely accused him of sexual assault. the charges were later dropped. >>> right now president obama and his republican rival are preparing for tomorrow night's first presidential debate. the outcome the debates could help decide the election. tara mergener reports that both campaigns are downplaying expectations. >> reporter: workers are setting the stage for wednesday night's presidential debate at the university of denver. both candidates are behind closed doors today getting ready. mitt romney is preparing in colorado and the latest polls show he is trailing the president in most swing states. >> we can do this. >> reporter: his running mate paul ryan is on a bus tour working to sway voters in iowa. >> our goal is to earn your support. we want to deserve this victory. >> reporter: vice president joe bi
score two or times in that inning. they force a game six, san francisco win this is one. >> for a complete rundown of tonight's high school football action b sure to check out high school sports on news channel 8. back to you sir leon. [laughter] [ mitt romney ] look at the evidence of the lasfour years. we've got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work. they're suffering in this country. the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem with raising taxes is that it slows down the rate of growth. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone because when the economy's growing slow likehis, when we're in recession you shouldn't raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the bget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get
this up and heading to the national league championship series. they'll be taking on the san francisco giants. another area team didn't fair so well tonight, right? >> yes, tough night, danl, for the os: you can unbuckle your seat belts. s the wild ride has come to an end. take you to yankees stadium. new york up 1-0 when nate gets ahold of one. a game-tieing home run, you think? no, it's foul. you can see the ball just go to the right. it's reviewed. and upheld. one pitch later, he would strike out. now to the 8th. the bases loaded for j.j. hardy. charges and gets him at first. missed opportunity for the birds. top nine? well ux matt wieders and the os. and the yankees advance, may they rest in peace, the season for the baltimore oh, rioles, the final. and here's a proud buck after the game. >> and we talked way back in spring training, our first meeting: they bought into each other. they were good taeeammates. we're going to see them again. >> and we'll get them next year, danl. so jim and doreen, they're counting on the nats. we're going to send it back to you. >> the os are out but
in on $1 billion in donations. the president is in san francisco, preparing to go on stage just after mid night our time for a rally and fundraiser. earlier today, the president dedicated the casar chavez national monument. >> in the race for the u.s. senate, a debate tonight talking about the economy, a gridlock in congress and even big bird. >> reporter: with the richmond pbs station hosting the debate -- >> i pledge tonight not to fire big bird and not to defund public broadcasting. >> that was the only light moment in the hour-long debate. his main line of attack is when tim cain accepted. >> how does a governor decide to take on a second job that sends him all over the country giving him part san speeches while over a hundred thousand jobs are lost in virginia. it will still keep virginia the best state for business in america. >> i'm proud of the fact that when i was governor at a very challenging time. we did a lot to bring new businesses to virginia and to have a profile that was significantly greater than other states. >> you can best compromise across the aisle. >> we have to ha
between sentences concerns that the. top of the first. -- between san francisco and cincinnatir. . top of the first. 8-3, giants. a strike out. and the seventh. next inning. linthicum strikes out in the eighth. giants 8, red 3. it is to a game 5. without scoring a touchdown, the ravens still have the number one big play passing attack in the nfl this season. dick advantage of that the sunday against the dallas cowboys -- to take advantage of that sunday against the dallas cowboys. no. 94. they saw in the last on the play dallas in to the other eight. -- in 2008. >> he probably is one of the best out there. he is just dangerous. a great pass rusher. hopefully we can do a good job at trying to emulate him. >> i have been trying to postpone delivery the bad news to you but it is time for you to see the orioles highlights as they lose 3-2 in 12 innings. yankee stadium. pick a the third inning. most unlike the player in the starting lineup today home run. into the right field. the o's had a 1-0 lead. manny machado, the rookie sensation, sensationtwo orioles look as ever. lead.s have a 2-1 m
and friends gathered in san francisco for a public memorial. ambassador steefvens and three other americans died in an attack in benghazi. >>> a second person in virginia died from the meningitis outbreak. that raises the death toll to 16. more than 230 others are sick. the news comes as federal investigators raided the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the infections. health officials believe steroid injections used for back pain were contaminated with the disease. >>> montgomery county police on the hunt for a suspect who shot two men outside a popular chinese restaurant. police were called out to the golden china restaurant on old columbia road in silver spring last night. the two victims drove a mile down the road before medics caught up with them and took them to the hospital. folks saw the chaotic scene outside the restaurant. >> i didn't want to come in the store. i couldn't tell what happened actually, but i was thinking someone must have gotten shot. that was kind of scary. >> the victims had nonlife-threatening injuries and are expected to be okay. >>> a lawsuit challenging a rulin
. three home runs for him leading san francisco to 8 puff 3 win over the -- 8-3 win over the detroit tigers. there's another one right there. game two is set for tonight. >>> he brought 14 years of pain to an end for charm city. now the o's' manager buck showalter is being we can 90sed for his -- recognized for his achievements. sporting news names him the american league manager of the year. buck says he's done all year, he pointed to the team and said it belongs to them. class act guy. >>> all right, the winner of this year's world series could help predict the outcome of the presidential election. you see, since 1908, when an american league team wins the world series, there is a 59% chance that a republican will be elected. when the national league team wins, well, there's a 67% chance that a democrat will win. in the last three election cycles this prediction has been deadon. in 2000 and 2004 american league teams won the world series both times republican george w. bush won and of course in 2008 the national league won that. a democrat, barack obama took office. >>> you know th
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